About Us

The Spirit of Innovation  

ArtYah is a truly handmade website.

We promote handmade. We do not allow manufactures to clog our site and take sales away from people that work very hard

and put their heart and soul into what they create.


The premier ecommerce site for vintage and antique goods, art and craft supplies, and unique handcrafted items!

Whether you are here to buy or to sell,
we are pleased to offer a healthy online business environment
where the buyer makes the seller because the seller makes what the buyer wants.

Artyah began when we realized that other sites simply did not provide the kind of marketplace
many buyers and sellers were looking for. We are good listeners, and we especially heard what you DIDN'T want:
> page after page of manufactured products
> content not appropriate for the whole family
> items illegally exploiting copyrighted or trademarked images

Instead, we are continuously engaged in creating, maintaining and improving
a space that buyers love to visit and that sellers are proud to promote.
We believe you will find us considerate of your needs and responsive to your suggestions.

We can help buyers and sellers connect. Help us do it better all the time!        


A California company located in the

Effective as of July 23, 2015