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Not long ago I also could only admire the carvings, it attracted me since childhood. Although I chose another profession in my life, the love to wood never left me. This is an extraordinary art known to mankind since ancient times, it combines the power and sophistication of human labor. Wood seemed reflects the magic that animates ordinary board, making it a perfect work.
I researched a lot of processing methods and performance techniques of carving, and most interested in the ability to use modern technology in this craft, which an advantage compared to manual work is the maximum production speed and product details.
And now my dream has come true - I've created my own workshop, workshop "The Tree of Life." To implement my ideas I chose oak as a strong and robust breed products from which are durable. Because of its strength oak isn't used in handmade.
For me the main thing is the result. So I use superfine tool in order to most accurately reflect all the details. This is especially noticeable in the paintings of large size.
I put my soul into my work, so sure that they not only can become exquisite decoration and talisman of your home, and perfectly suited as a gift for dear and close friends.
I invite you to make a little tour in our shop.
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