Welcome to Artyah!                 
Our Mission

It is our mission for all buyers and sellers to have a great experience using Artyah.
We want to help you as a seller succeed on Artyah!
If there is anything that needs further explanation or any help needed with anything, please let us know.

Listing your items to sell
Desktop users:
Sell link located inside drop down
​Importing items - use the "import listing" link.

Mobile Devices/Tablets - There will be a box with three lines.
Touch box to open and inside will be the "Sell" button.
Setting up Gallery/Shop
Account drop down menu
Select  Profile. Scroll down to the middle of the page.
There are 4 tabs here to choose from.
The 1st tab is "Your Profile."
Here is where you can edit your personal information.

The 2nd tab is "Seller Details."
Here you will be able to upload your banner and avatar, provide your store policies and a bio about yourself.

The 3rd tab is the "Featured Slider." Here is where you can upload up to 4 photos.
This is a great area for you to advertise your gallery or products that you sell.

​The 4th tab is "Vacation mode."
If you would like to put your store on vacation, use this tab. Using this tab will hide all of your items that
​are listed within the site and when returning from vacation turn your shop back on to display your items
for sale again.
Import your etsy store with variations
Import charge​ $0.10 x the amount of items imported.
Imported listings go into a folder titled "Scheduled" and are not active.
The listing is charged only once and can then be worked on for up to one full year.

Copyright infringement & manufactured items rules
Please help us keep Artyah a place where we are free from copyright, trademark infringement and manufactured items.
Please do not list any items that are trademarked, copyrighted and/or manufactured.
Here is a short list of items to avoid: Shabby Chic, Chanel
Disney - Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck,  and any Disney related items. The word Disney itself.

No manufactured items allowed
The only exceptions are if you have added your handmade creativity to it.
For example: If you purchased a pillow and then painted a picture onto it. That is ok.
We do not want any Society 6 products on Artyah as those are manufactured.
Paying Site Fees

All sellers will have a "limit" of $10.00 to list their items to sell.
Once the "limit" is reached the seller's fee will need to be paid to continue listing. 
A site fee is incurred from making a sale, listing an item to sell, importing items or using the features that Artyah offers a
seller to better enhance their item(s) for sale. For more information on site fees
please visit our help page located in the footer of our web site.
Artyah bills on the 1st of every month and payment is due upon receipt. We bill any account that
has a balance of $3.00 or more. (This change from $5.00 to $1.00 will be for the August statements).
All invoices are billed through our site using PayPal. An invoice to be paid is redirected to the
PayPal site for payment. Once payment has been made the invoice will show that it has
been paid.
Artyah runs solely on the HONOR SYSTEM
An account that remains in arrears over 10 days will be deactivated.
The account will need to be paid in full for the account to be restored.
​An account that is under $1.00 can remain unpaid until the balance
goes over $1.00.
​If an account remains unpaid after the 5th day of the month, a letter is sent out via email
​to the recipient that has a balance due. The letter will detail the account and will also let the
​individual know that if the account remains unpaid after the 10th day of the month, the account will be suspended,
all buyer and seller privileges removed and all listings deleted.
Policy page error
If you are trying to paste your policies from ETSY, it cannot be done -
An error will occur  The fix is to first cut/paste save to wordpad rename file then paste into your ArtYah policies page.
PayPal setup

Go to Payment preferences in the drop down menu
Add your email address to the PayPal email field
Payment instructions - I accept PayPal
Advertise with us

​Drive potential buyers to your store with a banner on our home page.
​Space is very limited, cost is $10.00 for one full month
​on a month to month basis.
​Purchase a block of 6 months and save 10%

General information

If you signed up and want your user ID changed, this can be taken care of by us.
Please use contact us in the navigation bar.
Website links
We do not allow links to outside websites. Please refrain from trying to list your ETSY shop.
Please do not try to guide a user back to your website or other stores that you may sell on.
We spend a lot of money on advertising and try very, very hard to attract and keep our buyers.
Outside links on any listing and or store/gallery pages will be removed by the administrator.
PayPal verified sellers badge
Our processing time for the PayPal verified sellers badge
could take up to 48 hours. Your PayPal "Verified Seller" badge
will be placed on your Sellers Policies page.

Artyah Forum
Please join our community forum.
Here is where you can post your items that you have for sale, meet new people and make new friends.
Get answers to questions you may have.
Here is the link to our very own forum.
A forum link is also located at the bottom of any page.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you,
Artyah customer service