ArtYah Site Updates

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​In progress to be completed:


New update:

Stage I of Variations is live -

​This is going to be a very extensive complete variations

​* Import with variations included

* ​Full variations menu on listing page & more to come...


Completed projects & Fixes

Fixed issue with views

Completed - Streamlined our registration page

Completed - ArtYah community forum - live

Completed - New hyperlink added to hero image

Completed - Added Import Listings to account menu in upper right of page

Completed - Fix sharing icons disappearing in shop

​Completed - fix for avatar not showing in shops for all browsers

Completed - Import tool now holds listings in a scheduled folder

Completed - Import tool fix now has link to scheduled listings

Completed - Fixed search bug

Temporary disabled plurals until we can add search filters - ​Completed - Search now recognizes plurals

​Completed   - Feedback stars are back

​Completed   - Timeout and chrome bugs are fixed

​Completed    - Replaced black with gray frames around photos to enhance photos​

Completed    - social icon bugs  - fixed​

Completed    - Sitespeed 2.0 new navigation bar fixed





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