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Natural Perfume Sample Set, Your Choice 3 Botanical Fragrances, Essential oils

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Natural, organic perfumes from mother nature. These perfume oil samples are made with only the highest quality absolutes, essential oils, concretes and my own infusions in some instances. Some of our oils are wild crafted and organic. There are a few perfumes that come in alcohol. Convo me if you are concerned. Botanical Fragrances made with mother nature. Comes to you nicely packaged. Perfect for gifting! These are about 1 - 1.5 ml in each screw top vial. Enough for several tries.

Please Leave your requests for the 3 perfume samples in the notes to seller at checkout :)

the P E R F U M E S... 

Ambra - Unisex. Fossilized amber with its earthy, woodsy note, my own blended amber, with cistus, vetiver, and forest notes. My original Amber themed perfume. This perfume is perfect to mix with most other perfumes listed here.

An Island for Paula - tropical fruit notes amongst soft notes of Mimosa and Lotus. A sweet tropical experience.

Belles - A big splash of citrus in a delicious blend of Vanilla, Turkish Rose, Faint Jasmine, wildflowers and a dash of saffron.
De la Lune - This is a light perfume featuring night blooming flowers, ylang ylang, vanilla and a blond wood accord. This is alcohol based. It is alcohol based.

Boheme - A snapshot of the French countryside and Paris. The best of both worlds. The countryside where they still grow tobacco, and acres of waving Lavender alongside ancient farms with fields of tomato, orchards of citron and orange fruits. And from Paris, little boutiques filled with delicious vanilla and lemon pastries, so feel good, warm and inviting.

De la Lune - This is a light perfume featuring night blooming flowers, ylang ylang, vanilla and a blond wood accord. We have 2 versions so you may recieve edp or oil based.

Emiko - This perfume oil is a botanical inspiration. If you are a sci fi fan you will recognize the name perhaps, if not, the name Emiko comes from the original Godzilla story and the perfume itself is certainly inspired. Emiko contains delicious notes of mandarin and blood orange up front with coconut and dreamy apricot, along with subtle Japanese rose and a hint of creamy Gardenia on a base of vanilla bourbon which gives the perfume a lovely finish that isn't too sweet.

Eartha - Opens in a field of mushrooms then blends beautifully into creamy rich patchouli and sandalwood with hints of tuberose. Inspired by a story I am writing and also included in the Fragments of Darkness series of perfumes.

Loom of Smoke - Walk into the woods and breathe in the scented damp fog, dense fragrant moss, and towering woods. The other notes include tree bark, fir and pine veiled in faintest smoke, a hint of wild lavender, black currant, incense, fossilized amber, in pure grain alc tincture of 3000 yr old cedar bark.

Miss Mary Jane - inspired by a female botanist. Notes of champa flower, faint plumeria, lightest peach note with incense, faintly smokey, sandalwood base. From the Lady Botanists series.

Tobacco Rose - Vintage Rose and dry, sweet tobacco marry beautifully with soft saffron and creamy woods. Similar to the Rose Bee.

moth and butterfly - lunar dust and night blooming flowers, soft and romantic.

moth and honeysuckle - lunar dust and romantic florals. More floral than M & B.

Nine Days in July - Fresh air atop a bouquet of lotus and champa flower with a smooth sandalwood finish.

Poete Fleur - Seriously dirt-soil and daffodil. Very green and complimented with tonka bean.

Reves Jonquil - Very similar to Poetes but a little warmer, with more floral, less green and soil note. 

The Rose Bee -  notes of honeycomb, beeswax, clover, saffron and an abundance of rose. A very honeycomb and wild rose scent with notes of wild pink roses, sweet hay, with a veil of light leathery saffron and clover hovering in the background. Helps support pollinators!

Welcome to Siberia - the icy cold fir and pine forests of trees..

Wild Rose -  the pure scent of wild roses. Not like synthetic rose perfume at all which tends to try and mimic rose otto, poorly.  No, this is the beautiful deep scent of pure sweet roses with a drydown that hints at a little spice and musk ith a faint veil of greenery. 

Wild Woods is a cologne or perfume with a very mossy scent and an abundance of needle and woody notes. A green moss chypre  that opens with the scent of a forest path, dry woody resinous notes with a touch of soil thanks to persian galbanum, and the dew drenched scent of Fir and pine needles with a faint veil of cedar lingering at the farthest reaches.

Zelle Opium - Very spicy perfume, think opium dens of long ago with cinnamon, pepper, carnation, ylang,on a vetiver base. Very spicy.

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