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Indigo Shibori Linen Shawl 48 cm x 170 cm Hitta Miura Block scarf wrap plant dye

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This is a Shibori natural Indigo dyed pure linen shawl. The unique patterning has been made by tying many small knots onto the fabric using a Hitta Miura technique of Shibori shaped resist dyeing. After the knotting is done, the linen scarf is dipped several times into a natural Indigo dye vat.

There are many ways to make an Indigo Vat using different natural materials and chemicals such as soda ash, spectralite, sulphuric acid, iron and even urine. This Indigo Vat uses natural fructose sugar and lime. The sugar reacts with the Indigo and removes one of the oxygen atoms, making the indigo water soluble. The lime changes the pH of the dye solution enabling the Indigo colour to adhere to the cloth. And Indigo Vat can take several hours and sometimes a few days to mature. When the Vat is ready for dyeing, a coppery sheen appears on the surface of the dye stock and a rose of frothy blue bubbles sit on top. The dyebath turns a green colour. As the cloth is dipped into the Indigo Vat, the colour of the cloth changes to green. When the cloth is raised into the air, the Indigo re-oxidizes and the cloth magically turns a lovely shade of blue. The cloth must be dipped and lifted into the air several times to create deep blues. An Indigo Vat can be kept going for several weeks and even years by careful maintenance and feeding.

Shawl size: 48 cm x 179 cm

Loose fringe finish

The pure linen shawl may be hand washed in cool water. Linen does not like heat, so please do not place in the dryer but hang to dry. The linen shawl may be lightly ironed while still damp.

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