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Monster Makeup Kit for Sensitive Skin Create Zombies Ghosts and Evil Fiends

All Natural Ingredients - Tools Included!

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This Monster Pack of concentrated, water-activated face paints contains 8 natural colors, perfect for creating a ghoulish monster, vampire, zombie, or a whole host of evil fiends!
Contains enough paint for 2 adult faces.

Vegan NonToxic Ingredients
Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Kaolin Clay. Pigments used: Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, and Mica (all ingredients are non-nano).

Colors included:
10 grams of Matte White
10 grams of Soot Black
10 grams of Medium Gray
10 grams of Blue Gray
10 grams of Dark Brown
10 grams of Matte Olive
10 grams of Brick Red
10 grams of Medium Purple

Tools included:
1 mini brush
1 small brush
2 spatulas (for removing paint from the pots)

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What does water-activated mean?
These paints are similar to watercolors and are solid. They must be mixed with water to apply to skin.
You will need a palette, which is a fancy term for something to put the paint on and mix it. As a palette, we suggest that you use a plate or other dish, but even just a few layers of paper will do the job.

Are these paints vegan?
Yes, no animal ingredients or testing are used to make our products.

Are these paints safe to use near the eyes and on lips?
Yes, the pigments we use are among the safest available; they carry no restrictions for use on any area of the skin, (external use only). Do not apply paints to the waterline of your eye or injured skin.


Paint palette (small plate, bowl, or a few layers of paper)
Tool (clean brush, sponge or even clean fingers)
Bowl of clean water
Paper laid out to catch spilled paint
Soap and warm water for clean up

Use the spatula to remove a small amount of paint from the pot.
Place it on your palette.
Dip your tool into the bowl of water; tapping out excess water.
Sweep over the paint with your tool, adding more water if desired.
Pat or sweep the paint over dry, clean skin with short motions. Allow the paint to dry slightly before applying a second coat.
Rinse your applicator before applying a different color.
This paint will dry after a couple minutes, but still be slightly creamy. For an extra dry finish, use our Setting Powder

Our paints are truly natural. Plan on using/disposing of them in the same day that you open the pot.
Unopened pots last for 1 year after the purchase date.
Do not use expired product!
Do not use face paint if the product appearance or smell changes or skin irritation occurs.
External Use Only!

IF PAINT GETS ON CLOTHING: hand wash the stain with lots of soap and warm water. Repeat if needed and launder as usual. Dark colors may permanently stain fabric.

DO NOT EAT: Though all of the ingredients are edible and used in food in trace amounts, they are not safe to consume in larger quantities.

CLEAN UP: a liquid castile soap or mild dish soap are recommended for easiest clean up. Lather painted skin well with soap and rinse under warm water. Repeat if necessary.

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