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TWO Old Hand Carved Fabric Stamping Ink Blocks Nepal 20, 21 et

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This is a pair of OLD wooden hand carved fabric ink stamping blocks from Nepal. They are HAND carved to stamp ink patterns on fabric, although they also use them on clay......plaster walls.....candles.....paper.......etc. Because they are hand carved, No two are ever Exactly Alike. These have become VERY popular in the interior design market here in the U.S. as vintage display pieces because you can use the back "handle" to stand them up and display the intricate design beautifully. PLUS they make wonderful conversation pieces. We recently had a chance to purchase a group of these from one of our dealers. He had just gotten them in so I had a chance to open the crate and literally go through ALL of them and pick out the best of the best. I chose every one based on the following criteria: * Weight: I prefer the ones made out of really HEAVY and dense wood as opposed to those I've come across in the past that are very lightweight. So you can be assured if I offer one of these for sale....it's going to have good weight * Depth: I always choose the ones that have nice DEEP....CLEAR carvings on them * Design: Many times when you come across these they have what I would call "boring" designs (rows of vertical lines all the same.....etc) I always pick the ones that have the most unusual and interesting designs on them. * Ability to "Stand": I like to choose the ones that are able to be "stood up" on their handles for display purposes. Because all of the other criteria don't mean a thing if you can't stand it up and display the design area. The carving goes DEEP into the wood. The block on the right has a hole in it (see pictures) but still displays VERY well. The handle on the back of each of them is still COMPLETELY intact (so they can be displayed standing up easily). They have GREAT weight. EACH one weighs between One and One and a Half POUNDS! The one on the left measures 6" tall by 6 5/8" wide. The wood block alone is 1 1/8" thick. The one on the right measures 6" tall by 7 3/4" wide. The wood block is 1 1/8" thick. They display BEAUTIFULLY together.

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