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Wire sculpture, Labradorite, Citrine Quartz Crystal, Aquamarine

Tree Spirit of Light, Sunny Side Up

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Wire sculpture Tree Spirits of Light dressed in dark to light copper, white, with light blue highlights in the branches and hints of silver. Their toes are wrapped around and in Madgascar iridescence Labradorite (yum) with Citrine Quartz Crystal, gemy blue Aquamarine, violet Amethyst, and red Jasper. The cut base natural Labradorite weighs 1lb and 4oz with streaks of blue and golden yellow that flash in various light, the face of it is polished. Though this piece is not of the highest quality, I find the blue and yellow iridescence streaks fascinating.

With 700-750 hand twisted copper wires as the core and then additional metals added, overall size is 10" height x 7" wide x 3.75" to 4" in depth. This item includes a 3" round walnut finished wood base. The Tree sculpture is 7" h x 7" w x 3.5" in depth. Shipping costs included in the price.

The essence of Nature and Legends with carefully selected minerals, hand-crafted, unique, and and skillfully created 3D Tree sculptures are joined to create meaningful art pieces. It is most certainly created to bring some joy and comfort into life’s journey, whether it is for yourself or a gift to those special people in your life. A gift that can be enjoyed at home or at the office.

The Spirit guides began with the relationship to Native Legends, the Standing Ones or Standing People, to hear our words when we speak to send our wishes or a messenger to us (if we listen). Depending on the "eye of the beholder" of the artwork, it may also represent your happy Guardian Angel, Mother Earth (Gaia) or just the joyous essence of Nature and Legends always connecting and communicating unity to all. The mystical lore of stones also have a variety of in depth meaning, in this artwork the positive energies of Labradorite represents the spirit of ones inner light and find peace within ones own being (even when the world feels a bit crazy!). Jasper to symbolize a nurturing spirit. Amethyst for serenity and relaxation. Calming and soothing Aquamarine, a stone of truth (throat chakra), to gently inspire compassion for one to speak there own truth in a positive manner. Sunny Citrine, to remind one of the joys and happiness that can be found in life's journey.

More tid bit information about Labradorite. Represents the stone of spiritual awakening and maybe it is because of the iridescent flashes of blue, green, purple, copper and/or golden yellow light hidden in this dark color mineral. Labradorite is known for promoting calmness, initiating new ideas, promoting the use of wisdom for the intuitive thoughts that come your way, and forming a protective barrier to deflect unwanted energies. Labradorite relates to the third Eye (or brow) chakra. Another tid bit of information is this stone symbolizes both the moon and Sun, representing a balance. Ah yes, balance is good thing! All Tree sculptures are made of soldered copper wire, can be a variety of colors and are coated to preserve them. Roots molded/engraved into the mineral, no adhesives used.

PS...will gladly ship your item as a gift if you provide the correct shipping address and by emailing me, will put your personalized note in with the artwork. Photos taken indoors or outdoors. You receive the item shown. Thank you for visiting :)

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