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UTTERLY FANTASTIC SPECIMEN! Supernatural Creature Weird Taxidermy of a Dead Fae

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For the most part, this fairy's wings are clear aside from a small dusting of color and an "eye" marking on the lower wings. Simply fantastic fairy specimen. I personally have never come across quite so beautiful a fairy and am devastated to part with it, but alas, teas must be purchased and meats to feed my beastly three-headed canine must be procured and so, I begrudgingly put this little devillette up for sale to you, dear reader. Just under 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) tall Wingspan near 3 inches (7 cm) 

Your purchase will include a hand sculpted tree stump stand as shown in the pictures.

Fairies are made of cicada shells, butterfly wings, feathers and clay. Each one is handmade, handsculpted and one of a kind. Please give them a good home. Do not get them wet. Do not feed after midnight. DO NOT TAUNT FAIRIES. *All insect parts used are humanely collected. Because they led natural lives, the butterfly wings may contain slight wear and tear from normal lifecycles. Please allow for slight differences as you might not receive the exact fairy pictured!

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