ORGANIC BAMBOO Velour Cloth Menstrual PADS-by HuggableEarth

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These are the most luxurious cloth menstrual pads you can find! You choose a size! 


This pad is great for women who experience somewhat lighter periods. Light Flow- 8 5/8 inches long. Consists of a layer of bamboo velour, 1 layer bamboo fleece, sewn on top of the base of the pad which is a layer of 100% Organic Cotton, 1 layer of PUL, another layer of 100% Organic Cotton. Perfect, comfortable light coverage. Facts about HuggableEarth cloth menstrual pads: >These pads consist of ALL Organic fabrics- from the outer to the inner layers, these are all natural fibers- which you want in such a sensitive area.* With the exception of the waterproof PUL layer(Inside the layers or on the backing where it will not touch against your body at all). >Every pad I send out comes with a printed instruction pamphlet for use and wash instructions- No guessing. Quick dry options for larger pads. >My pads can come waterproof or no waterproofing, depending on the style you need. >These pads will absorb faster than other pads because of the quilting in the absorbent layers.


>Great for the environment!!! No Zorb polyester here & no Microfiber polyester. I use only Organic cotton, Organic Bamboo, Organic Hemp and sometimes Cotton. The PUL(Polyurethane Laminate) I use is made in the USA in the greenest way possible -Made with no VOCS.

>Please be aware that these are natural plant based fibers, cotton, bamboo, hemp which means they DO have natural oils in them that will take time to remove those oils from the pads. Normally 8 to 10 washes (and dry time in between each) before the pads reach full absorbency. This can be done before you even use the pads OR you can absolutely just use them first thing, they will still absorb just not as much as they will after a few washes! >All materials are hand washed in warm water- no detergent, by me and then placed in the dryer to pre shrink the fabric. This is a benefit for you because the wash process has already begun when your pads arrive at your door and they will not shrink once you wash them! >>>Color options are available! My fabrics are constantly changing and I cannot guarantee any certain fabric but I do have color options and I always choose beautiful fabrics! If you are looking for something particular send me a message and I will do what I can to get it!


*Do not hesitate to ask for waterproof options. I make pads with both Waterproof PUL(Polyurethane Laminate) AND Water resistant Anti-Pill FLEECE BACKINGS. WHATEVER YOU PREFER. >>>Please keep in mind that PUL is thinner but it does need to be air dried or you many experience your pads de-laminating at some point in the life of the pad if a PUL pad is dried in the dryer. >>Fleece can be thrown into your washer AND dryer but it is thicker than the PUL. >>>>***Orders over $50 get a free pantyliner.***>>>***Orders over $100 get a free 3 pack of pantyliners.***>>>Pantyliner will be either cotton, organic cotton or bamboo, whatever I have on hand at the time but ALWAYS natural fibers!!!

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