Super Heavy Flow ORGANIC POSTPARTUM Mama Cloth PAD by HuggableEarth

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This cloth pad is all organic and has a lot of things to offer! >Enjoy ultimate comfort with an 70% ORGANIC BAMBOO/28% Organic cotton/2% polyester velour topped cloth menstrual pad! Sewn together with the 3 soaker layers that are also 70% ORGANIC BAMBOO/ 30% ORGANIC COTTON Fleece( 1 medium weight layers BF, 2 super heavy layers BF). All placed on top of 100% Organic cotton woven material with a piece of waterproof PUL inside and finished off at the bottom with another piece of 100% Organic cotton! This is a luxurious pad and every part that touches your body is Organic- which you want in such a sensitive area. >This is the heaviest flow cloth menstrual pad I have available and it will do the job! This pad measures in at 14 1/4 inches long!!!


Not only is it very long with a lot of absorbency, it is unbelievably comfortable AND you can CUSTOMIZE YOUR ABSORBENCY WITH THIS CLOTH PAD!!! This pad is intended for Night time use, Postpartum, Urinary incontinence, Post surgery and Very heavy Monthly flow. I have designed this Super Pad to have a slight opening in the side of the top layers just above the waterproof layer to have a *pocket*. You can add long skinny Add-On inserts for this pad of double or triple layer protection. You just stuff them in there and wear your pad without even knowing this is in there and then you just throw the whole thing in the wash and it will either agitate out or you can take it out after it has been thoroughly cleaned in your washing machine. What is the benefit of adding this extra step into your pad routine??? Well first off, you don't have to add a soaker, you can wear as is with plenty of protection. Lets say you have an all in one pad with 6 or 8 layers of absorbent material... How well do you think those bottom layers are getting clean? Furthermore, say you get them clean every time without a problem... they are going to take forever to dry and be very thick, leading you to possibly wear them while they are still slightly damp on the inside where you can't even feel. With my pad design you CAN feel inside to see if it is wet! Also my Postpartum cloth pad is SO THIN! Measuring in at approximately 4mm thick it is a pretty amazing pad for being so thin.


You can choose your color choices you want... My fabric choices are constantly changing so I do not have certain fabrics all of the time. You can choose the color choices you want and I will make the pads in those colors with a coordinating Organic bamboo velour topper. White on white is ALWAYS available. You can choose whether or not you want the pocket in your Postpartum Pads in the drop down menu. >>>>SAVE on MULTI PACKS>>Save $1.00 per pad with a 3 pack. Save $2.00 per pad with a 5 pack!>>Please keep in mind that PUL is thinner but it does need to be air dried or you many experience your pads de-laminating at some point in the life of the pad if a PUL pad is dried in the dryer. >>Fleece can be thrown into your washer AND dryer but it is thicker than the PUL. ***These pads have hidden PUL in between two layers of organic cottton woven fabric creating a good balance for a waterproof choice. >>>>***Orders over $50 get a free pantyliner.***>>>***Orders over $100 get a free 3 pack of pantyliners.***>>>Pantyliner will be either cotton, organic cotton or bamboo, whatever I have on hand at the time but ALWAYS natural fibers!!!

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