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Small pit fire raku urn, keepsake urn, treasure jar, lidded jar, Pet urn

Sharing urn, Ceramic Jar, Raku pottery

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This is a very lovely urn. It is vibrant and classy at the same time. This small pit fired urn has a graceful classic form and a smooth, satin finish on the exterior of the urn. The body of the urn is not glazed, the pattern is formed by smoke, carbon (black) and copper carbonate (red). The satin finish on the exterior of the urn comes from a super fine clay slip called terra sigillata. The interior of the urn is not glazed and do not have terra sigillata so it does not have a smooth surface. I love the smooth exterior finish and the unpredictable pattern of this urn. It is perfect as a decorative piece for your home, as a good place to store keepsakes, or as a pet or sharing urn for the ashes of your loved one or beloved pet.

The dimension of the jar is 5.5 inches tall (with lid) by 3.75 inches wide. It has a capacity of a little more than 2 cups, about 30 cubic inches. If it is used as a sharing urn or pet urn, each cubic inch corresponds to one pound before cremation.

Pit fire pieces are decorative only and not to be used for food nor for holding liquids. Raku is a firing technique and a type of ceramic ware originating in sixteenth century Japan. Raku means "enjoyment", "comfort" or "ease" and is derived from Jurakudai, the name of a palace, in Kyoto. Modern day western Raku technique involves firing the glazed piece in a Raku kiln to about 1800 degrees. It is removed from the kiln while molten hot and placed immediately in a metal container with combustible material (saw dust, paper, leaves, etc) that catches fire and then the container is closed. Closing the container starves the air of oxygen from the glazes and the clay. The resulting oxygen starved atmosphere creates a wide variety of effects on the clay and draws out the lovely colors in a copper glaze. It is Raku’s unpredictable results and intense color that makes each piece unique.

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