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Welcome! We're new to ArtYah! (and very excited to be here!) and are still"under construction" setting up shop here. We have a variety of wonderful treasures to show that we hope will bring some wonderful memories to many!

I’ve always loved collecting things. I’ve been collecting ever since I can remember – and the older I get, the worse the compulsion is. It’s in the genes. My Grandmother & Grand Aunt were both “antiquers” – well…..my aunt collected just about anything. And…my Mom collected anything AND everything & this apple did not fall far from that tree!

Like many people it’s time for me to begin to pass on some of my – and my family’s – treasures. We finally made our “big move” and now it’s coming time to start trying to combine my mom’s stuff (a fully packed house) with my stuff (another fully packed house). Honestly, it’s impossible to combine the two houses…and actually live in one comfortably.

Add to the collecting bug that I am an extreme sentimentalist – or as some would say – a pack rat. I save just about everything! I love junk…it almost always turns out to be quite the treasure (at least in my eyes). In my spare time (what little I have) I like to craft (usually using some “junk”), cross stitch & garden (where you’ll see more “junk”).

Mom and I loved to shop flea markets, second-hand stores, antique stores, garage sales and – auctions (you’ve got the idea!). She had so many plans for us and our collecting frenzies but unfortunately passed on before we could see any of it come to fruition together.

4Get-Me-Not Treasures is in a sense, a tribute to mom. Her favorite flower, combined with the promise that I will forget-her-not – nor the promises, dreams, and times we shared. She and I can still work together side-by-side while in different worlds. What more could anyone ask for?

Thank for stopping in& visiting with us! We hope to see you again very soon! Have a fabulous day!!
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