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Being an intuitive woman with a gypsy soul and warm sense of humor has sometimes gotten me into trouble with friends, relatives, even dates... but never the law. No, never anything serious, but it is in the remembering of some of those crazy adventures which brings a smile to my face these many years later. Please allow me to share with you a quick story. Everything really started happening for me once this very cool rock found its way into my pocket. I know you're probably going to laugh, but back then, "Pet Rocks" were all the rage in my pre teen years. Ever heard of a "Pet" rock? Well, I used to have one! However, I never bought mine from a store. I would find a rock that I liked while out and about and I would run my fingers over the textured surface. If I liked it, I kept it, if not, I'd put it back. If the rock also looked as if it might have a story to tell, held charm and appeal because of its colors and textures etc, that's when I decided it was going to be mine.
Suddenly I found myself jamming it into my jeans pocket like my life somehow depended on the darn thing. There were many days when rubbing that particular rock instantly brought me some kind of excitement, a familiar pleasure and for some strange reason, a certain modicum of security. I couldn't believe the television ads that popped up selling these accumulated rocks as pets! Instantly I thought I was being followed by spies or something...was someone watching me collect MY rocks? You know how kids get, especially sensitive epathic kids such as myself. Okay, so I may have been a teeny bit paranoid way back when, but I never fathomed why people would go out and BUY a "Pet" rock when all they had to do was find one outside and claim it. Nope, I never understood the concept of buying a rock (kudos by the way, to those entrepreneurial genius types that made a killing from the marketing of rocks.) What I did understand, is the concept behind it, being that I am a tactile person myself. Touch, textures, smooth graceful curves, softness, jagged lines, these things I understand. I'm an artist. Well I have to tell you that this rock went everywhere with me! When stress crept into my body, I would rub the rock and sometimes my fingers, nearly raw to make the inner tension go away. (These days we have yoga, Reiki, meditation, therapists and prayer to help with all that stuff.) Yep, a simple touch of texture against my fingers was relaxing for me and helped me to concentrate on the task at hand. When I started to work on a piece of art, no matter what medium I used, I found what I really enjoyed the most was creating things from mother nature and incorporating her textures into some of my artwork.

Who am I? Well...
Those who really know me, see me as creative, down to earth and very patient.
I am also considered by my friends to be loving, big hearted, forgiving, sarcastic, stubborn, impish and yet wise. I do have this serious side to my personality (we'll call it my elegant side.) My mother taught me how to access it when I was younger and now I allow that side to challenge me in my art. It's all about the little details, without paying attention to them, the piece can quickly fall apart and its integrity be ruined. Then back to square one again.
Artists don't usually like a whole lot of details so it can be challenging at times, but I don't mind. I have found from my personal experience, discipline is good for the soul.

I have a strong personal philosophy of life and spiritual belief system, which is pretty simple and works well for me. This has taken me many years to acquire. I have studied everything from Catholicism, Buddhism, to the Book of Morman, from Eastern Religions to the Western. After years of soul searching and research, I've decided not to put a label on my belief system. Why? Too many reasons to mention but here is what I have learned and summed up in a nutshell: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and remember, what goes around comes back to you a hundredfold. It is the one universal law NO ONE can get around. Cause and effect. We are all connected. Love is the strongest emotion we have and will heal more than hurt. Therefore, harm no one, we will only hurt ourselves. We are all mirror images of each other. Forgiveness is good for the soul. We are each others teachers just as we are all students. Be grateful and appreciative for everything, everyone, and every blessed lesson that comes your way, even the harder life lessons. They are also your teachers. Don't you just love them? I do... everyday in every way!

My free time is spent with hobbies, plant life, Reiki, (I'm a certified Usui Level Three Reiki Practitioner) pets and close friends. I enjoy doing things that inspire me. I love to travel, spending time outdoors enjoying nature, meeting people of different cultures, being by a lake or on the coast, up in the mountains etc...This is where I receive most of my inspiration for my art and get a lot of resources as well.
I love writing, women's volleyball, bowling, photography, creative cooking and am as passionate about creating art as I am philanthropy work. Also high on my list is listening to music whenever I can and especially when in a creative mood. All of my projects come together in music.
My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. As an artist, I find I cannot resist the pops of colors in those two seasons. I participate in Improv comedy on stage from time to time and love to make people laugh which is the best form of healing in the world today in my humble opinion. Having been raised in the south ( state of Virginia), has given me roots in family, dedication to hard work and good old fashioned Southern charm.
Thanks for looking around my shop. You may also follow me on Instagram: Username: aishanmoon8837. If you do NOT have an Instagram account, no worries mate , please go to the webstagram.com website and in the username box please type in my username: aishanmoon8837 . Once my info is brought up you will be able to click on my pic or my name to view my postings, pics, quotes, new art not listed here and special deals. There are many many pages to view so please Click on "load more" to advance to the next page. Thanks!
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Aisha ūüźí
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