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ARTIST BIOKnown to my friends as Florida born sunshine with a little hurricane. I was born in St. Petersburg Florida right before a huge hurricane hit the Gulf coast. Our family moved to Arizona when I was 11 years old from the beautiful state of Virginia which pretty much makes me native to this desert state now. Others who have known me for years would say I was a wondering gypsy back then as I have lived in so many other states as well. I have a passion for travelling and spending time in other cities with people of different cultures and customs. As a kid, my art was simple and colorful. I never stayed inside the lines because that’s what the other kids did and even back then, I knew I was different. I would hear teachers tell other kids to think outside the box. In my mind, there was never a box there to begin with! Regarding the art I create today, it's all about the little details, without paying attention to them, the piece can quickly fall apart and its integrity be ruined. Artists as a rule, don't usually like a whole lot of details but I don't mind. I have found from my personal experience, discipline is good for the soul. The mediums that I use are varied. I work a lot in the multimedia area and most especially resin art paintings. I would define me as a self-taught fluid artist. I love the technical side of this artistic technique (which works a lot like alchemy because it’s so transformative in nature even when the process is completed.) It’s technical, challenging because it involves a timing process and is ethereal as well as grounding. In other words, it forces me to stay totally focused in the present in a very intuitive way. This medium allows the natural freedom of colors to blend while in motion and separate or create cells in their own synergistic dance while allowing me choice to participate or not in their movement. But I digress. My friends just call it visionary art and I am the visionary artist. My free time is spent with hobbies, plant life, Reiki, (I'm a certified Usui Level Three Reiki Practitioner) and work using this energy based healing on pets and close friends. I enjoy doing things that inspire me outdoors while enjoying nature whether it means being by a lake or on the coast, up in the mountains etc... This is where I receive most of my inspiration for my art and get a lot of resources as well. I love writing, women's volleyball, (I used to play a lot back in the day) bowling, photography, creative cooking and am as passionate about creating art. Also, high on my list is listening to music whenever I can and especially when in a creative mood. All of my projects come together in music.My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. As an artist, I find I cannot resist the pops of colors in those two seasons. I participate in Improv comedy on stage from time to time and love to make people laugh which is the best form of healing in the world today in my humble opinion. Having been raised in the south, has given me roots in family, dedication to hard work and good old fashioned Southern charm. Please feel free to check out my online shop for craft items: A Drift from the Shores. New online store in development for resin artwork only: Liquid Alchemy House of Fine Resin Art (not open yet)You may also follow me on Instagram! Username #aishanmoon8837 Stop by the gallery and say hello sometime. You may find it to be a fun and enlightening experience. Namaste!Aisha
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