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I have always been crazy about scents (nasal retentive?) and when I came to Hawaii 19 years ago I was blown away by the fragrant flowers here as well as the aromatic fruits and the smell of the ocean. For me, whether it's soap, lotion or perfume, it's all about the scent. Fragrance is so linked to emotions and memories and my intention is to evoke that island feeling (or memory) through fragrance and imagery. I am also committed to making products that are as natural as possible as well as honest labeling.

The fragrances are custom-blended - developed over a period of several years. I constantly have my nose in a flower, looking for inspiration to recreate a scent or evoke a feeling. It's an obsession :) The Body Butter is made from scratch, with my own formula designed for optimal moisturizing and absorption (i.e. minimal greasiness).
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