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My name is Sandra. I am a Latvian girl currently living in sunny Sardinia, Italy. Happily married and now a mommy to Damien and Alexander. I love creativity in people, originality, positive thinking, friendliness and being happy for little things!

COOL Leggings. Fit. Fashion. Fun.

As far as women's fashion goes, leggings are the most versatile and fashion adaptive bottom that a women can wear. So why not have a pair of original, one of a kind, unique and fun leggings in your wardrobe? Get a pair of fun leggings, made of high quality Italian cotton jersey and hand painted by me! Most of the leggings in my shop are in black, as that is the most popular color. If you'd like a different color or drawing, don't hesitate to contact me- CUSTOM ORDERS are very kindly accepted.

The idea behind the COOL Leggings brand is to add a little bit of art to everyday apparel. COOL Leggings offer comfortable, original clothing and accessories. Every piece is hand made in my home workshop and all prints are based on my drawings, therefore each item is unique and different by its color tone or paint drops on the fabric.

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Hand printed/painted leggings, skirts and t-shirts have a print that can last for years, since the ink is fixed ‘in’ the leggings/shirts/skirts and not on them (like with foil transfers). However, it is recommended to treat your hand painted items with care to ensure the print quality.
-ALWAYS wash inside out
-For the first 2 washes, wash by hand in cold water
-Use low temp washing program only (I recommend 30 degrees Celsius maximum)
-NEVER tumble dry hand painted leggings or tees
-Iron items inside out
Beware: when washing light colored garments prints always fade a little. When you wash on high temperature (and yes, 40 degrees Celsius is too hot), prints might fade more than a little.
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