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I'm a fourth generation quilter. All my life I was surrounded by fabrics, colors, prints, and quilts. Due to school and the usual teenager attitude I didn't learn as much as I could have while living with my family. Growing up around it has helped, however, with learning how to create these things now.

What you find here are items I have made. Everything from sewn and quilted coasters to king size quilts. Original quilting patterns to tried-and-true are used for these creations.

Prices vary depending on fabric choices, pattern and design, time it takes to cut, piece, and sew, as well as hand-quilting or machine quilting. The prices range from $5 to over $1k. I do accept partial payments! Please look through my policies for information regarding this.

Custom orders/commissions are accepted! I won't take on very many commissions at once due to the time it takes to create these.

Every purchase also receives a free gift (while supplies last).

I've been making modern macrame jewelry for over 25 years now. I have nearly all my work available for viewing on my DeviantArt page (link below). I had to cease with making jewelry for a couple years due to a torn ligament in my right wrist. I've since recovered and can now make new things.

Please look through my sellers detail page. Many questions you have will likely have been answered there.

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