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I've been making jewelry since I was a young girl, and I've always found myself drawn to designs using knots and beads. Who knew that those hemp necklaces I made for all my high school friends were really just that, macrame?!

I re-discovered macrame in 2016 when I sought an indoor hobby to help me beat the desert's afternoon heat. I found that I loved the tying (and often untying and retying!) of knots to form gorgeous patterns, and functional jewelry and decor.

Every new project is a new challenge, and I add new designs pretty frequently to keep myself fresh. Rest assured that you're likely to have the only piece of its kind when you purchase from my shop.

I'm always open to suggestions for new colors and styles, so don't hesitate to message me if you have ideas for a custom order, or need the dimensions on a product tweaked a bit.
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