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Or to put it simply, how to carry and display Your True Values and Beliefs with Brute Elegance!

Key Chains and Bracelets by Gepetto look tattered and well-worn but made to outlast the sands of time, thus you easily get the feeling that they've got a previous life. That's our creed and purpose.

Don't be mistaken, those Key Chains and Bracelets are 100% brand new and each one is unique. Because they are handmade from outstanding recycled leather and repurposed bits and parts, blemishes, birthmarks and gremlins are not only expected but part and soul of the finished product.

CUSTOM ENGRAVING is not only easy but fun. Just leave us a message, and as long as it doesn't break decency everything is possible.

Enough talkin' and thank you for the readin'.

Gepetto, the Engraver of Simple Truths
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