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Kawawunga offers high-quality handmade bags and wooden boxes for holding dice used in roleplaying table-top games. Kate Graff, based in Grove City, OH, is the owner and creator of the unique drawstring dice bags and partners with fiancee Josh Horton of South Shore, KY to design and craft beautiful wooden dice boxes with magnetic closings. We believe that you should have a bag or box as stylish and beautiful as your dice!

Kate is a financial accountant at a university, a part-time MBA student and a full-time gamer. When she is not studying, stressing out about work or worrying what what Josh the DM is going to pull next--she crochets. Kate has been crocheting, sewing and crafting for the past 18 years.

Josh is a mechanical engineer working for the gas industry and has recently expanded his love for technology and woodworking with the CNC Piranha FX machine in which we craft all of our boxes. He spends his non-working hours enjoying the finer things in life: scotch, video games, pocket watches, and diet Pepsi.
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