I am a leather crafter, now semi-retired. The supply business was one of those "hit me over the head enough and I'll get the idea" type things. When we were a bigger company we had a shop and often people would come in asking if they could buy a few buckles, or if we had X to fix Y. Being in the mail order business also we started getting calls for more of the same. Eventually I figured out that people might want a place where these things were listed and they could buy what they needed without the large minimum orders and big quantities the manufacturers require. Thus the birth of the supply side of our business.With the death of my partner I sold off many parts of our business, packed my derriere out of the cold New England winters, and now work by myself in Florida still making a few things, and still providing small and medium quantity supplies to crafters all over the world.I try to provide good service, and keep my pricing affordable. Since I've been doing it for 25 years I guess I must be doing at least a thing or two right. I keep my margins tight because you are actually helping me get better pricing from my manufacturers by increasing the volume I can do with them. We both win. Decent pricing for you, less materials expense for the items I make. I hope I can be of service. Jim
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