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Eco friendly homekeeping and the highest quality essential oils, herbs and packaging for your own beautiful creations.

Why, you might ask, would a woman name her business MAN in the Moon Herbs? It's quite simple really.
When I was little we lived with my grandparents and one of my earliest memories is of sitting on the porch with Grandma and watching for the man in the moon to appear. Man in the Moon Herbs is to honor that cherished memory.

My product line is as diverse as my customers. Many of my best sellers started as a request or suggestion from someone at my local farmers' market or online. I really enjoy using high quality ingredients and materials to make an idea a reality that doesn't break the budget.

Man in the Moon Herbs allows me to express my creativity like no other occupation could and I get to do it all without wearing shoes. I have You, my customer, to thank for this ♥
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