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Hello!We are Javi and Cris from Olula. We make unique handmade gifts for you and your home.Our love for the outdoors and bright and easy things inspire us. All the products we sell, come from our workshop in Madrid or from punctual collaborations with other local crafters, and always are ethically made respecting both people and Nature.We have a strong believe that handmade things are unique and have a special soul. A product made one by one carefully, by someone you can say Hello!, has something valuable that deserves a long life. We want products thought not to be used and thrown, but to stay with you, making you happy, for years and years! If you would like to know more about our work, please, visit us at olula.netYes, we do wholesale. Just drop as a line at olula@olula.net and we will send you the catalogue and conditions.Please, ask for my permission if you want to use any of my images or just let me know you are posting them.
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