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Thank you for visiting with me and letting me share my work with you. Here, you will find works under Glass, Gemstone Designed jewelry,
Vinyl production jewelry and Laser crafted designs. I hope you enjoy your visit here.

I find my inspiration from "Opposites Attract" in the form of all things have a balance and give you something in return for its opposite.
Handmade --crafted with care--Hand Drawn Elements under glass --each is a one-of-a-kind. Sets can be created by choosing pieces here, but each have a small difference even if they are parts of sets.
There are no two exactly the same and all are hand created, either drawn with Opposite Attracts concepts, or metal works. Contrasting with glass elements and metal works is a beautiful
end result in unique pieces. As Fire and Water are opposites, they both have a balance that creates the wheel of perfections. Yin and Yang are the opposites within the circle that thrive off of one another in Harmony. Everything has its opposite, but that doesn't make it negated to the need of the other one, actually, it is quite opposite in rhythm, needing the other to survive and have Balance.. Earth and Heaven, Fire and water,
love and hate, rich and poor --morning and night, good and evil--See the elements I speak of?
One cannot exist without the other. Spring and Winter, Up and down, and on and on are the Opposites that Attract the need for another. Many things can be pondered. All are in the circle of living--the circle of life.
IF YOU HAVE AN "OPPOSITE ATTRACTION" in mind--and you don't see it in play here, I would be glad to create it for you. Just message for a custom idea and let me know your desire.
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