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Why Zazuta?
The name goes back to my childhood days. We had a Black Labrador when I was 9 years old. Her name was Zetun which means Black Olive. Soon, she became Zazu. When I started selling my art, I couldn't think of anything that meant more to me than her memory at that point. So I clubbed in the first half of my name, and Zazuta was born.
It is the name under which I paint, make jewelry and live my creative life.
My supply shop is just one of the things I am passionate about.
Every trim you see in my shop is selected by me. I do not order from a catalog.I go through many trims to ensure I sell the best ... aesthetically and quality wise.
I hope you enjoy using them, as much as I enjoy collecting them!
I also have a love of handmade.
I love felt. I love working with the material, combining it with mixed media and making cute felt things. You will find lots of cute creations in my handmade section. All products have been created by me in a smoke free and pet free environment.
I have been selling on online since 2011, and recently started selling on Dawanda too! As of April 2016, I am officially registered in Germany.
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